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Our Promise

Plastflute® は、責任を持って倫理的かつ持続可能な方法で事業を行うことに取り組んでいます。同社は自社のビジネスとホスト国に長期的な価値を生み出すことを目指しており、地域社会に積極的に貢献することに尽力しています。

Plastflute® は、教育プログラムを支援し、地元の従業員、請負業者、学生を訓練することにより、ホスト政府と地域コミュニティの社会的および経済的発展を支援することを目的としています。また、能力の向上と生活条件の改善を目的とした社会的投資も計画している。


ビジネスユニットによる CER プログラムの管理と実施をサポートするために、専用の CER 機能が設立されました。 Plastflute® はまた、地域の社会経済的ニーズに合わせた社会投資戦略を確立するための新しいプロセスを展開しました。 Plastflute® 管理チームの知識とスキルを活用した付加価値プロジェクトを特定し、提供することに重点を置いています。

Our CSR: Video

Our Corporate Enviromental Responsibilities
How can we contribute to the care of the environment?

Protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone, each one from home, at work or study center, of society in general. Companies also play an important role as promoters of good habits and have a role of leading by example to promote a sense of environmental responsibility for the benefit of all.


As individuals we have a mission to join these good examples and put them into practice, because even the smallest actions generate a great impact.


Plastflute® propose some actions that contribute to fulfilling the objective of contributing to the care of the environment, so that you can implement them from home, from your company, or from wherever you are:


  1. Reduce energy consumption: the use of efficient electronic equipment is recommended, with a high-level energy label, such as 'A', which represents considerable savings in energy consumption, as well as a greater contribution to the environment. Also, avoid keeping devices that are not fulfilling their function plugged in. You can use a power strip to make your life easier and you can save energy.

  2. Implement recycling policies: everything starts at home, verify what type of waste you generate and share the collected goods with organizations dedicated to recycling or collecting used items. On the other hand, regardless of the sector where the company where you work operates, it is essential to have a policy to reuse, recycle or donate when it comes to equipment or furniture to reduce your footprint and collaborate with those who need it.

  3. Raise awareness and offer information: a citizen has the opportunity to be an agent for change towards a more sustainable reality, in schools, neighborhoods or communities. They can contribute by promoting and informing about circular economies, reducing pollution and raising awareness in society to make ecological decisions. Respect for the environment must also be part of the company's culture.

  4. Minimize the impact of the carbon footprint: from wherever you are, you can avoid the use of plastic containers and bags, be efficient in water consumption, plant trees, take care of nature, among others. As a collaborator you can propose measures to encourage the use of public transport, non-motorized vehicles or carpooling among several workers, to achieve the least possible impact and protect the environment in day-to-day mobilizations.

  5. Resource efficiency: paper is a resource that is often wasted arbitrarily and has a great ecological impact. In this case, suggest that your workplace use recycled paper and FSC-certified stationery that promotes the circular economy and the reuse of materials, avoiding pressure on forests, as well as installing collection points both in the office and in your home. 

  6. Make it fun: propose challenges or even games at home or at work to encourage responsible consumption of resources, it is also an effective way to involve as many people as possible.


Taking care of the environment is in our hands and it is easier than many people think. Contributing with small actions will become big changes in the long term for all living beings that inhabit the planet.

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